We are passionate about protecting our communities

Research and experience have shown that litter is the result of individual behavior. Once the litter is on the ground, it attracts more litter. By contrast, a clean community discourages littering and improves the quality of life for everyone.


We all have a role to play in preventing litter. It only takes one person, one school, one business, or one organization to positively impact the behavior of others in their community.  Now’s the time to get educated and make a difference! 

Litter cleanup costs the U.S. almost $11.5 billion each year!
Businesses spend roughly $9.1 billion; government, schools and other organizations like CLUK! pick up the rest.
Litter impacts local economies and quality of life.
The presence of litter in a community takes a toll on the quality of life for humans and animals, property values, and housing prices.