Everybody wins with CLUK!

The CLUK! program is simple. We organize small community service projects to remove litter and other refuse that all too often clutter and degrade our public areas.​

The Clean Up Kids organize cleanup projects at strip malls, shopping centers, gas stations & convenience stores, public parks, or any other place that needs our help!


We carry out our clean up service projects free of charge but happily and gratefully accept donations from the business owners and other community members who benefit from them. 


That’s it!

The cost of the CLUK! program is underwritten entirely by The Highwater Foundation and financial contributions from generous private individuals and businesses. 

CLUK! was founded by 3 kids who believe age doesn't make a bit of difference when you're out to make the world a better place!

"T" wanted to start CLUK! because he believes that taking care of the earth now is important for having a bright, happy future.

"C" wanted to start CLUK! because she believes that protecting the environment is critical to all forms of life.

"M" wanted to start CLUK! because she believes taking care of our environment is good business!